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Monster Mash-Up

Frightfully fun activities for all the family this half-term with Boye the devil dog!


These family friendly sessions involve a bit of audience participation and are always good fun. Performances every day (except Sunday) at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm

Devil Dog 

Join eminent monsterologist Dr Edvard Von Goosechaser for a thrilling investigation into claims that Prince Rupert's favourite pet Boye was actually a devil dog! Parliamentarians believed he could fly and sniff out traitors so come and meet the haunting hound yourself and decide whether he's just a dog or something significantly spookier!


Family Craft Activities

10am to 4pm every day

Monster In A Jar
21 to 25 October

Become a collector of magical creatures and create a monster to keep in your cabinet of curiosities.

Book of Beasts
26 to 29 October

Learn about the strange monsters that were part of the 17th century imagination. Create a book of your own magical beasts.

Monster Shadow Puppets
Every day

Littler ones can design and play with monster shadow puppets to scare their family!