National Civil War Centre
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Creativity and Wellbeing Week

Monday - Wave Your Flag

Learn about Civil War standards and create your own with lego, beads or even cake! Here: Be A Standard Bearer! (PDF File, 320kb)

Tuesday - Stitch A Quilt

Learn some traditional embroidery stiches to adorn your quilting patches (and join in with Patchwork Palace!). Here: Embroidery stitches (PDF File, 897kb)

Wednesday - Make A 'Museum of Me'

Which ten things would you choose to tell the story of your life? Curate some of your belongings so they show the real you. George, one of our fantastic apprentices, set himself this challenge. Find out about George’s Museum of Me and then have a go at making your own. Remember to share it with us! See George's Museum of Me here: Museum of George (PDF File, 1,750kb) 

Thursday - #howdoyoudoodle

Take a line for a walk and see where it takes you. Draw your favourite object from your house or garden, draw a family member or pet, or just draw anything that pops into your head! Anything goes! Join us over on Twitter to see our efforts and share our own with #howdoyoudoodle

Friday - Tell A Story

Listen to a story and learn some top tips for successful storytelling from our very own professional teller of tales, host of 17th Century Tales Adam Nightingale!

Saturday - Knit A Battlefield

Pick up your needles and learn how to knit your very own warhorse! (You can add this to the regiments in our Knit a Battlefield project.) Find our brand new War Horse pattern here (Knit A War Horse (PDF File, 1,759kb)) and watch her tutorial video below!

Sunday - Pen A Poem

Have a go at creative writing based on an object in our museum or something which is important to you. Use word dice to create a poem! Here: Pen A Poem (PDF File, 456kb)