National Civil War Centre
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Tudor Hall Film Club

The ‘Swords, Sorcery, Shoot-Outs and Sovereigns’ Season

Enjoy a carefully selected season of spectacular films in the stunning setting of the National Civil War Centre’s Tudor Hall. Each showing will be introduced by movie aficionado Adam Nightingale, unveiling fascinating facts about the making of each title before you enjoy watching it together in this unique atmosphere.

For a Few Dollars More (15)
Wednesday 11th May, 7pm

In 1968, For a Few Dollars More was the last movie screened at this location back when The Palace Theatre used to be The Palace Cinema.  So, it makes perfect sense that it is the first movie in our new and improved Film Club. So join Clint Eastwood’s legendary Man With No Name as he teams up with Lee Van Cleef’s black clad bounty hunter to eliminate a murderous gang of bandits in Sergio Leone’s classic Spaghetti western.

The Last Duel (18)
Wednesday 8th June, 7pm

The wife of a French nobleman accuses his best friend of rape. The accusation results in a bloody duel to the death. Told from the three protagonist’s contradictory points of view, Ridley Scott’s medieval drama is an intense and timely cinematic event starring Jodie Comer, Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Ben Affleck.  

A Knight’s Tale (PG)
Wednesday 13th July, 7pm

Penniless English squire William Thatcher fakes it as knight to compete in the knockabout world of 14th century jousting tournaments. The late Heath Ledger serves up a great early star turn in this irreverent period action comedy featuring Paul Bettany as a naked Geoffrey Chaucer and the music of Queen and David Bowie.   

The Favourite (15)
Wednesday 10th August, 7pm

Sarah Churchill is the Queen of England’s lady in waiting. Her powerful position is threatened by a young and ambitious noblewoman who begins to insinuate herself into the Queen’s affection.  Olivia Colman won an Oscar for her brilliant performance as Queen Anne in this raucous royal romp and is equally matched by fellow Oscar nominees Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone as her warring favourites.

Labyrinth (U)
Wednesday 14th September, 7pm

David Bowie’s Goblin King kidnaps sixteen year old Sarah’s baby brother when she makes an unwise wish. Sarah must navigate the Goblin King’s labyrinth if she wants her brother back, but the clock is ticking. She only has thirteen hours. Jim Henson, Bowie, Monty Python’s Terry Jones and George Lucas combine forces to produce the weirdest fantasy family favourite of the 1980s. 

Special Halloween Screening

Theatre of Blood (15)
Wednesday 26th October, 7pm

We celebrate Halloween in the company of Vincent Prince as deranged classical actor Edward Lionhart, who exacts comically gruesome revenge on the critics who have slighted him; each increasingly elaborate murder inspired by the plays of William Shakespeare. A true cult classic of British comedy horror. 

Special Christmas Screening

The Muppet Christmas Carol (U)
Wednesday 14th December, 6pm

Our Film Club Christmas treat is the only version of Charles Dickens seasonal ghost story to contain a talking frog, a karate-chopping pig, Rizzo the Rat, a Gonzo, a Swedish Chef and an all singing Michael Caine. If Muppets had been around in the 19th century, Mr Dickens would have put them in his story. “God bless us every one!”