Your Council Tax 2022

Less than 9p in every £1 you pay in Council Tax comes to us at the District Council. The rest of the money you pay goes to Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue.

How every £1 of your Council Tax is spent

How much will Council Tax cost me?

You can see the current cost of Council Tax for a Band D property using the map below. You can search for your parish or town and see how much of what you pay funds services here at Newark and Sherwood District Council.  If you have any concerns over paying your Council Tax, please contact us.

Find out more about Council Tax bands.

Find out more about your Parish or Town council.

Energy Price Increase and Council Tax Payment

On 3rd February 2022, the Chancellor announced the Energy Bills Rebate to help households with rising energy bills. This rebate is a £150 one-off payment to be made directly to a household in Council Tax Band A-D and to those who live in Band E properties who receive a disabled band reduction.

We have now processed 75% of the £150 energy bill rebate payments anticipated to be paid.
Please bear with us as our revenues team are processing these as fast as they can.

For those who pay their Council Tax by direct debit

We are paying this automatically into bank accounts if the name of the direct debit is the same name as on the Council Tax bill. A letter will be issued to confirm when this has happened. 

Where initials or maiden names are present on the Direct Debit mandate that has been set up originally, a review process is in place. Where there are difficulties confirming records, we will write to you in order to confirm details.

For those who do not pay their Council Tax by direct debit

Households who do not pay by direct debit will receive a letter over the next three weeks with information on how they can receive the payment. The first batch of letters have been posted out today (21 June 2022).

Each letter will include a unique bar code that can be scanned at any Post Office to receive their cash payment. You can find your nearest Post Office branch online.

The Council Tax payer will need to take the letter along with two forms of identification and proof of address. This can include:

  • Valid passport
  • National Identity Card (photo)
  • Photo driving licence
  • Other photo identification (e.g. bus pass)
  • Utility bill
  • Post Office Easy ID

The letters have to be sent out in batches to ensure that the Post Office is not overwhelmed.

For those unable to get to a post office

For any claimant that will have difficulties getting to their nearest Post Office branch, they can contact the District Council to receive a link to a form where they can submit their bank details for payment instead. These bank details will need to be verified with the Council Tax records held.

If a payment is not claimed before 31 August 2022, the rebate will instead either be applied as a credit to a household’s Council Tax account or, once the Post Office has confirmed with us which payments have not been claimed, we will write a letter to those households asking them to complete a form so we can process their payment to be credited to their bank account.

Additional Discretionary Funding

In addition to the main funding, the Council received an additional £195,900 in Discretionary Funding to support households that receive Council Tax Support. This funding is to be distributed based upon:
• Households in receipt of Council Tax Support in Bands E-H will receive £150.
• Households in receipt of Council Tax Support in Bands A-D (and Band E where Disabled Band Reduction is awarded) will receive an additional £28.
The Discretionary Funding will be paid in the same way as outlined above for direct debit and non-direct debit payers (inclusive of an application process).

Other support for rising costs of living

Since the energy rebate was announced in February 2022, the UK government has made a number of other announcements about ways in which it plans to support residents with rising costs of living. 

Read more about the support being offered in our latest statement: Update from the District Council on support for residents with rising costs of living

Further advice is available on our Cost of living webpage.

Hear more from Councillor David Lloyd on the range of government support available by watching the cost of living YouTube video.

Who is responsible for paying Council Tax?

Council Tax payment is the responsibility of owner-occupiers or, if rented, council tenants, private tenants and tenants of housing associations. Pay your Council Tax bill.

Council Tax is also payable on unoccupied furnished and unfurnished houses in certain circumstances. Find out more about reductions and exemptions.

The figures on this page are correct for the 2022/2023 tax year.

How is my Council Tax band determined?

The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on the valuation band a property has been placed in by the Government’s Valuation Office Agency. Find out more about Council Tax bands.

How do we spend our Council Tax money?

Newark and Sherwood District Council run a number of services for you.

Newark and Sherwood District Council uses your Council Tax to...

You can find more detail about how Newark and Sherwood District council spends your money on the council strategies and policies and council budgets page.

To see what your Council Tax money is spent on in relation to the climate emergency visit our climate emergency page.

Where is the rest of my Council Tax money spent?

More than four out of every ten Council Tax payers in Newark and Sherwood live in Band A properties. Based on a Band A property, the following list and table show how much of your Council Tax goes to each authority.

  • Nottinghamshire County Council - £75.82 per £100
  • Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner - £11.72 per £100
  • Newark and Sherwood District Council - £8.56 per £100
  • Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service - £3.90 per £100
Who spends your money?2021 / 20222022 / 2023% Change
NSDC £121.35 £123.71 1.94
Nottinghamshire County Council £1,053.90 £1,096.06 4.00*

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner

£162.84 £169.50 4.09
Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service £55.30 £56.38 1.95
TOTAL £1,393.39 £1,445.65 3.75

Parish precepts levied by your local town or parish council are not included here. Parish Precepts 2022/23 [18kb]

*Adult and social care precept

The government has made an offer to adult social care authorities allowing them to charge an additional “precept” on Council Tax for financial years from the financial year beginning in 2016 without holding a referendum. This is to assist the authority (in our case Nottinghamshire County Council) in meeting expenditure on adult social care. The County Council has approved the implementation of a 3% Social Care Precept for 2022/23 to part fund increasing costs associated with adult social care.

More information

If you have a query regarding the detail provided, any aspect of your bill or would like to receive a hard copy of the details provided here, contact us.

You can also contact the different services funded by your council tax using the details below.

Nottinghamshire County Council

Tel 0300 500 80 80
Visit their website
View council tax - where your money goes

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Tel 0115 967 0999
Visit their website
View their council tax information

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

Tel 0115 967 0880
Visit their website
View their council tax information