Fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It is your responsibility to know what has happened to your waste.

If your waste is dumped illegally, you could be fined up to £50,000 and/or receive a prison sentence. At the Crown Court the fine is an unlimited fine and up to five years in prison.

How to dispose of your waste

If you have any work done on your property, or if you pay someone to take waste away for you, make sure they are registered with the Environment Agency.  You can search registered companies on the Environment Agency website.

You can also use our bulky waste collection service, for which there is a small charge, or for larger quantities we can provide you with an individual quote.

Our response to fly-tipping

We respond to all fly-tipping reports and aim to clear the rubbish within 24 hours, provided it is on a street or in another public place.

If the rubbish is dumped on private land, such as farmers' fields and other areas not in public ownership, we will not clear it without charging the occupier for doing so. We’ll investigate such incidents and prosecute offenders when we have the evidence. We also apply for costs in court on behalf of the landowner/occupier.

Find out more about our Not in Newark and Sherwood campaign, which is targeting fly-tipping in the district.

Reporting fly-tipping

If you see any fly-tipping, please report it to us. If you find evidence, please leave it where it is and let us know as soon as possible.

If you witness the act of fly-tipping please make a note of any details such as vehicle registration number and be prepared to make a written statement. Without this we may not be able to take any further action.

Report fly-tipping

Reporting an abandoned car

Old vehicles should be taken to an authorised scrap yard. It’s an offence to abandon a vehicle or parts of a vehicle on any land and a person convicted of this offence can be fined and/or imprisoned.

We can also issue a fixed penalty ticket for £200 instead of taking court action for this offence.

Please report abandoned vehicles to us, providing as much information as possible. This helps us to take positive action and reduce the number of abandoned vehicles on our roads.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Environmental Enforcement


Committing an environmental offence can result in being prosecuted at a magistrate’s court.

Prosecution is one of a number of enforcement actions we can take on people that deposit waste unlawfully, the other is the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN). In the event of an FPN being issued but not paid the case will then be referred for prosecution.

Below is an updated list of prosecutions for fly tipping and other related environmental offences in the district.

Please note that sentences imposed are decided solely by the relevant court.


December 2022

Kaylea Callaghan (Section 108 of the Environment Act 1995)

£400 fine, £34 victim surcharge, and £400 costs

Total: £834

Shane Smith (Section 108 of the Environment Act 1995)

£400 fine, £34 Victim surcharge, and £400 costs.

Total: £834


November 2022

Florin Tudor (Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990)

£1,000 fine, £100 victim surcharge, and £878 in prosecution costs

Total: £1,978

September 2022

Natasha Swanston (Section 108 of the Environment Act 1995)

£416 fine, £100 comp, £42 victim surcharge, £978 costs

Total: £1,536

January 2022

Lenny Clark (Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990)

£1,154 fine

Chris Gilman (Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990)

£400 fine


Environmental Enforcement figures 

Environmental Enforcement figures 2022 [15kb]

January 2023

Waste Investigations, Support and Enforcement (WISE)

Total: 219

Littering - 219


Environmental Protection Officers (EPO's)

Total: 21

Fly tips - 16

Littering - 4

Abandoned Vehicles - 1


Community Protection Officers (CPO's)

Total: 3 

Littering - 3


December 2022

Waste Investigations, Support and Enforcement (WISE)

Total: 219

Littering - 218

Dog Fouling - 1


Environmental Protection Officers (EPOs)

Total: 19

Fly tips - 10

Littering - 7

Waste Transfer Notes - 2


Community Protection Officers (CPO's)

Total: 2

Fly Tips - 1

Littering - 1


November 2022

Waste Investigations, Support and Enforcement (WISE)

Total: 264

Littering - 260

Dog Fouling   - 4


Environmental Protection Officers (EPOs)

Total FPNs: 36

Fly tips – 17

Littering   - 7

WTN    - 12


Community Protection Officers (CPOs)

Total FPNS: 4

Fly Tips - 2

Littering   - 1

PSPO - 1