Plan Review

Through the Plan Review we are seeking to ensure that the allocations and policies in our Amended Core Strategy and Allocations and Development Management DPD continue to be appropriate, up-to-date and effective. For the most recent update on the Plan Review, please refer to Second Publication Amended Allocations & Development Management DPD

Amended Allocations & Development Management DPD – Representation Period

We have now published our Second Publication Amended Allocations & Development Management DPD, along with its proposed submission documents for a period of Representation from 25th September to 5pm on Mondat 6th November 2023. Further information is available by following the link: Second Publication Amended Allocations & Development Management DPD

Private landowners - site submissions'

We are not proposing to make any new housing, employment or retail allocations through this review, but it is still possible to submit land for assessment and inclusion as part of the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment. This can be done by completing and returning the following form SHELAA site submission form [157kb]

The SHELAA contributes to an understanding of the potential availability of land in the district, and may be drawn on as part of future Development Plan work. We are particularly keen to hear if you have a brownfield site (i.e. one that has been developed already) as the government wants to implement new simplified planning rules on such sites. An up-to-date understanding of available sites will help us to focus on delivering the development the government is seeking. 

Should you own land that you think is suitable for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation - then it is also still possible to submit this for consideration as a potential site allocation by completing and returning the SHELAA site submission form [157kb]

Alternatively you can also make a submission through the email and postal addresses below, or by making contact with the Planning Policy & Infrastructure team on (01636) 650000.

Previous stages of the Plan Review

More information on the previous stages of the Plan Review is available on our website.