National Civil War Centre

Other School Sessions

Not just the Civil Wars! We also care for the Newark local history collection of around 95,000 objects from the Stone Age, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Victorians and more!

Ice Age Journeys (KS2)

FREE In-school session for KS2 classes (1-2 hours): Take advantage of a rare opportunity from the Ice Age Journeys project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Children step inside the role of the archaeologist to investigate a strange pattern of ‘finds’ in your school hall. Answer these questions by exploring replica artefacts:

  • What did Ice Age people wear?
  • What did Ice Age people eat?
  • How did Ice Age people have fun?
  • How did Ice Age people make things?
  • What did Ice Age people believe?

Pre-history People (KS2)

2 hour visit to National Civil War Centre, Newark Museum: Take a trip back through the eras to a time before history in this fun, interactive session for year 3 and 4. Handle some real Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts and have a go with some of the tools people used for chopping and drilling. Visit the galleries to see our small collection of hand axes and the beautiful Newark Torc. £4.50 per pupil.

Victorian Town Tour (KS1, KS2)

Explore Newark with Mrs Coombs, who can’t find her son Albert anywhere! Find out about the shops, businesses and peculiar places in Victorian Newark. This lively, one-hour tour is packed with true stories, silly Victorian slang and a bagful of props. £60 per tour.

Arts Award

We are an accredited Arts Award venue and can offer Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver Awards.

Contact the Learning and Participation Team at if you would like to discuss working with us on a recognised award for children in KS1 to 5.